Local food enjoyed by a single man exploring the world at human speed.
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Pizza, Colombian style
Keywords: funny, pizza
In most countries I go to I try to eat pizza. Why? Because with time I discovered it's available almost everywhere and it often presents a local twist for the ingredients. In Colombia, the twist isn't with the toppings... it's with the cooking part. In most street cheap pizza parlors, you can buy pizza slices. If it's not hot, it will be heated up for you. In Colombia, the pizza is all prepared but not cooked. You pick up your slice from the display and then it's cooked especially for you in the oven, one slice as a time. It's the first time in the world I've seen this way of doing things, and you? more...

St. Louis food
Keywords: pasta, pizza
Although St. Louis doesn't have a staple must-have food item, it has some food variations unique to the area. I've tried two of those food eaten almost only in St. Louis: the toasted ravioli and the St. Louis pizza, with provel cheese. more...

Deep Chicago pizza
Keywords: pizza
The Windy City is known for 2 iconic foods. The first of these is the deep dish pizza. Here's a sample from one of the best pizza places in town. I had this piece with sausage topping. more...
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