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Keywords: BBQ, pork
I saw this pig in the Otavalo market, it's basically the same as what Colombian call "lechona". You get shredded pork with little round potatoes. Very delicious too. more...

Keywords: BBQ
There are few things I wouldn't try to eat at least once. This is an example of my willingness to try just about anything. This dish is especially popular in Peru, a bit in Ecuador apparently (but I have still to see it in here), but I first tried it in Ipiales, the only region of Colombia where it's common to eat it. It's called 'cuy'... it's a guinea pig. It's roasted much like a chicken as you can see. It's an expensive dish ($15 for a whole cuy, head included). But you can try it in half (like I did) or in soup, etc... There's not much meat in there, but the skin is very tasty (much like a well crunchy BBQ chicken skin). Would you join me in trying? more...

BBQ corn (Mazorca)
Keywords: BBQ, corn
The street corn in Colombia is much different than in Mexico. In Colombia, it's only available roasted style, not boiled. Here, they keep the tail instead of placing it on a wooden stick. Here, they simply smoother the cob with butter and salt while grilling, nothing else. The vendors usually have 3 sizes of cobs, and you pay according to the size you choose. more...

BBQ chicken, Mexican-style
Keywords: BBQ, chicken
Yes, my first post about food since I'm in Mexico. My body isn't fully adapted yet to the environment here so I didn't eat that much of Mexican food, although I love it. Since I'll be here for many months (and in the area for many years)... I'll have plenty of time to present you in details the fares you know... like tacos, burritos, etc. Today, I want to present you BBQ chicken the way Mexican do it... greatly inspired from Portugal. more...

Kansas City BBQ
Keywords: BBQ
Kansas City is definitely a town with a food speciality... or many in fact. It's not known for a specific dish but for a whole cuisine style: barbecue. Thus, it's famous for everything cooked on a BBQ fire pit... including pork, beef, chicken, etc. Another feature is the sauce that you put on the meat. Kansas City BBQ sauce is tomato-based, sweet and spicy/tangy. That's my favourite style of BBQ sauce. more...
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