Local food enjoyed by a single man exploring the world at human speed.
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Chicken feet
Keywords: chicken
In my travels, I've seen many strange foods, but this one is now on top of my list. Yes, they are chicken feet. They are grilled. Of course, you don't have any meat, but you chew the grilled skin. It's a lot of work (it's hard to pull if off) for not much. It doesn't really have a name, "menudencia" means "something of little value, scrap". It sells for 10 cents a foot on the street in Ecuador. more...

Keywords: chicken, chocolate
One of the most typical Mexican dishes known worldwide is the mole. There are about 6 different families of mole in Mexico, coming from various parts of the country. But none is as famous as the one from the city of Puebla: the mole poblano. It's basically a rich and very tasty chocolate sauce that is served usually on chicken or turkey, but can be covering a wide array of dishes. more...

BBQ chicken, Mexican-style
Keywords: BBQ, chicken
Yes, my first post about food since I'm in Mexico. My body isn't fully adapted yet to the environment here so I didn't eat that much of Mexican food, although I love it. Since I'll be here for many months (and in the area for many years)... I'll have plenty of time to present you in details the fares you know... like tacos, burritos, etc. Today, I want to present you BBQ chicken the way Mexican do it... greatly inspired from Portugal. more...
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