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Empanadas de verde
Keywords: traditional
I haven't encountered them yet as a street food, but they are still an important traditional dish in Ecuador. They are tiny empanadas, with a filling of cheese, beef or shrimps. They cost a bit more than a dollar for 3. They are served with a piece of lime. more...

Keywords: traditional
Guatita is one of Ecuador's national dish. It's often served on Saturday and Sunday morning because it's believed to relieve hangovers. But what is it? It's a stew made out of the beef intestine. I liked it.. quite tasty, and not as chewy as pork intestine. Would you try it? more...

Keywords: funny, sweet, traditional
It's a recipe that originates in Medellin, but I also seen it all over Southern Colombia, down to San Agustin and even Pasto. I first saw it stretched against a pole attached to a tree while visiting the Festival de Luces in Medellin, but I had no idea what it was. I talked to the vendor, but she was too occupied to give me a clear explanation. It looked (and somewhat tasted) like fresh marshmallow and that's what I told some friends it was. But boy, was I far from the truth! more...

Keywords: street food, traditional
One of the staple popular food in Colombia is the empanada. They are pockets filled either with beef, pork, chicken, cheese, potato or a mix of the above. Locals eat them usually with a rosy sauce (mix of ketchup and mayonnaise). more...

Rice Paisa
Keywords: rice, traditional
It's a variation of the traditional banda paisa. It's brown rice, with chorizo, pork, beans and two varieties of bananas. more...

Banda paisa
Keywords: traditional
Need proteins? Here's a traditional dish of the area of Medellin/Manizales. It features beans, egg, rice (under the egg), salad, pork rinds, ground beef (under the pork piece), a chorizo sausage, fries and a piece of fried banana. It's delicious and full or proteins! more...

Keywords: masa, traditional
Popular Mexican gastronomy revolves around three simple dishes: tacos, tortas and tamales. I already presented you the first two, now that I'm in Southern Mexico, where it's most popular, I'll tell you a bit about the tamales (singular is tamal). That traditional dish has been eaten in Mexico territory for more than 2 000 years, with very little variation compared to the original recipe. more...
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