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Keywords: soup
Throughout Ecuador, you'll encounter "encebollados", which translates as "made with onions". It's a soup with onions of course, yuca and fish (usually tuna). That's a great start. But then come the toppings. Depending on the restaurant, you'll get grilled corn grains (as in the picture), fried sliced bananas (called 'chifles'), popcorn... or a mix of these three! The toppings are then put in the soup by you and you eat them as if they were cooked with the soup. That adds a whole new texture profile to the soup. :-) You can get this hearty soup almost everywhere, for a price ranging from US$1 to US$2.50, depending on the size of the serving. more...

Keywords: soup
During the Holy Week in Ecuador, you will find all over the country the fanesca. It originated with the no-meat tradition of Good Friday. It's a cream made with milk in which are tossed a dozen of different beans (to represent the 12 apostles), veggies, cod (or tuna) and half an egg. It's very hearty. more...

Keywords: soup
Ajiaco is one of the favourite soup/meal in Colombia. It can be served in a small portion as a soup or in a large portion with sides like on this picture as a complete dish. The soups is made with chicken and a variety of potatoes and a special herb (Galinsoga parviflora) that gives it a very particular taste. more...

Keywords: breakfast, soup
Colombians love their soups... there are many varieties. But there's a very special one for breakfast, it's called 'Changua'. It's made of warm milk with onions, boiled eggs, cilantro and about 2 slices of hand-shredded white bread. It's very tasty and nutritious. more...
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