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Arepa de queso
Keywords: arepa, cheese
Another variety of arepas found in Colombia is the cheese arepa, which is a corn and cheese patty grilled until the cheese is all melted inside and around (giving a nice golden crust), then it's covered with a shredded cheese (much like mozzarella) and cream (much like condensed milk). It's very sticky to eat but very delicious. more...

Arepa boyacense
Keywords: arepa, cheese
Arepas are everywhere in Colombia, a bit like tortillas in Mexico, but it comes in a large variety of shapes, sizes, uses. This one is mostly from the Boyaca department of Colombia. It's about 8 cm in diameter and it has a piece of cheese in the middle. It's different in size and texture as you find in other cheesy arepas. I personally didn't like it very much. But they're quite popular for a bite on the go. more...

Dedido de queso
Keywords: cheese
I saw this all over the country, they even have some in the supermarket frozen aisle! It's a stick of cheese wrapped in a dough and fried. It's tasty and cheap. more...
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