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Cotton candy
In my travels, I've seen lots of street vendors, but it was the first time I saw one of cotton candy right on the sidewalk. It's also funny that the name in Spanish is almost exactly the transation of the English term. Translated word for word, it means "cotton of sugar". more...

I had tried cuy at my last stop in Colombia, but that's really an Ecuadorian dish (and Peruvian too). So, I had to try it again here in Ecuador. I found this little BBQ stand on a street market and I tried it. Seasoning a bit different... but good too. Would you try it? more...

Throughout Ecuador, you'll encounter "encebollados", which translates as "made with onions". It's a soup with onions of course, yuca and fish (usually tuna). That's a great start. But then come the toppings. Depending on the restaurant, you'll get grilled corn grains (as in the picture), fried sliced bananas (called 'chifles'), popcorn... or a mix of these three! The toppings are then put in the soup by you and you eat them as if they were cooked with the soup. That adds a whole new texture profile to the soup. :-) You can get this hearty soup almost everywhere, for a price ranging from US$1 to US$2.50, depending on the size of the serving. more...

Ecuadorian tortillas
In Ecuador, these are what is called 'tortillas'... nothing like the Mexican standard we know. The yellow ones on the picture are corn tortillas while the white ones are wheat ones. They sometimes come filled with cheese. more...

During the Holy Week in Ecuador, you will find all over the country the fanesca. It originated with the no-meat tradition of Good Friday. It's a cream made with milk in which are tossed a dozen of different beans (to represent the 12 apostles), veggies, cod (or tuna) and half an egg. It's very hearty. more...

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