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BBQ chicken, Mexican-style
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-10-22 21:37:27 | Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Keywords: BBQ, chicken
Yes, my first post about food since I'm in Mexico. My body isn't fully adapted yet to the environment here so I didn't eat that much of Mexican food, although I love it. Since I'll be here for many months (and in the area for many years)... I'll have plenty of time to present you in details the fares you know... like tacos, burritos, etc. Today, I want to present you BBQ chicken the way Mexican do it... greatly inspired from Portugal.

Since Mexico is so close to the USA, you'd expect to have about the same food, or at least, many things in common. You do find all major USA fast food chains here... although they're not that present... only in malls and in touristic areas. There's something you'll find more easily than American fast food: Chinese food! Yes, Mexican love Chinese food. It's common to see 2 or 3 joints in a shopping mall food court... or one Chinese restaurant every block or so downtown. You will find some Japanese sushi parlours occasionally... but no Thai or Indian cuisine here.

To come back to the chicken... you'd expect it to be cooked the American (and Canadian) way... with the whole bird stuck on a pole and rotating. It's not. Surprisingly, it's cooked more like they do in Portugal... they open the chicken up and squeeze it in a cage to roast slowly. The one I had was VERY tasty.

Below, you see the serving of a half-chicken... for 40 pesos (about US$3). It includes the half-chicken, already cut out in 4 pieces, some sauce (which is essentially tomato juice with pepper spices) and 10 tortillas! It could be messy to eat unless you eat like a Mexican... using the tortillas to cover your fingers and grab the food.

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