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Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-11-26 19:48:00 | Santiago de Queretaro, Queretaro, Mexico
Keywords: snacks
In Santa Fe, New Mexico, I had the Fritos Pie... at the location claiming to be the inventor. In Halifax, I had a Doritos Pie, based on the Fritos Pie, but done with Doritos instead. In both occasions, there were 'speciality' street food which I had to look for to find. In Mexico, one of the most popular snacks around is the Dori-Lokos. They're the same principle, but with a Mexican twist... and you can find them anywhere you have tourists, from street stands to ice cream parlours!

The original Fritos Pie was allegedly created in Santa Fe in the 1960s. It combines Fritos chips, with shredded cheese and a meat-less chili. It is served in the original Fritos bag. You can add onions, relish, spicy peppers and other garnishes at your liking. The Doritos Pie (picture at the bottom) I had in Halifax is exactly the same thing, except you replace the Fritos chips by Doritos ones. It adds a bit of spiciness to it, but not that much. Of course, it's a hot dish with the hot chili and with the cheese and the beans, that makes a good source of proteins. If you add plenty of onions and other stuff, you could have a complete meal :-)

Here in Mexico, you will find Dori-lokos (sometimes spelled 'Dorilocos', lead picture on top). The principle is the same, but the ingredients are MUCH different. Of course, the Doritos chips remain, but all the rest is more Mexican-style. First, exit the cheese and the chili, it's not a hot dish here. The chips are covered with a mix of veggies that usually include carrots, lettuce and onions (the exact recipe will vary from one vendor to the other). Then they add lime juice (you cannot have a 'Mexican' dish without lime juice) and a tomato-based sauce. If the veggies mix includes hot peppers, chances are the sauce will simply be tomato juice, otherwise it will be hot sauce. Sometimes, they will include some other kinds of snacks items besides the Doritos, including nuts. Lots of veggies, but no proteins.

I paid between US$4 and US$5 for the Fritos and Doritos pies in US and Canada... and about M$18 (about US$1.40) for the Dori-Lokos when I bought them in Guanjuato and here in Querétaro. I must say I prefer the taste of the Dori-Lokos, much more kick to it, even if it's just a snack.


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