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Elotes and esquites
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-12-17 18:23:46 | Cuauhtemoc, The Federal District, Mexico
Keywords: street food
One of the rare things I've seen in both North and Central Mexico so far is elotes (corn cobs). They are about the only street food that could be found anywhere. It's basically a corn on the cob that is cooked, impaled on a wooden stick and covered with garnishes. The corn is usually boiled, but some vendors BBQ it... either the naked cob directly on the grill or in the leaves.

Once cooked the centre of the cob becomes much softer and can easily accept a wooden stick by which you will hold your snack. The toppings are almost universal too, and forget about salt and butter... we're in Mexico! The most common offering is with a first layer of mayonnaise (with lime flavour) then a layer of cheese (shredded Parmesan-like) and finished with a layer of chile powder. In Morelia, I saw one stand offering it with only lime juice and chile powder.

That's a very unusual taste for my buds used to the butter and salt... but it's very good. It's kinda messy to eat though with the chile powder falling on you as you bite the cob. It's a very popular treat enjoyed by all ages.

If you don't like the corn on the cob, they also usually offer a cup of corn grains topped with lime juice and red spicy sauce.

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