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Mexican waters
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-10-23 16:46:52 | Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Keywords: water
One of the shock I'm still experiencing in Mexico is that no one (no, not even the locals!) drink the tap water. Especially for Canadians (because we don't have water meters), tap water is something we take for granted... and we often waste it by using potable water to do all kinds of chores. We tend to forget how precious it is. So, Mexicans drink lots of bottled water... either purified water or spring water. The water bottles come in a large variety of sizes. They also consume A LOT of water flavouring powders, which are available in a wide array of flavours, many of those trying to replicate those waters I'm talking about here. All over the place in the markets, the streets, you'll see vendors of 'aguas frescas' (cold waters), which come in different flavours.

They are basically water with real fruit flavouring. I want to present you the 7 most important varieties you'll find here in Northern Mexico. There are other varieties that you will find according to the local and seasonal fruits available. About half of the volume in each jar is ice... so the beverage is very cold. They usually sell them by the litre... in a large foam glass... including many ice cubes... so your drink stays cold for hours.

This water is usually not made out of water actually... but out of milk (cow milk or sometimes coco milk/water). It's a mix of milk, rice, vanilla and cinnamon. You can view it as a very liquid rice pudding. It's tasty and very nutritious too!

Not to be confused with the Caribbean country, this comes in fact from the infusion of dried hibiscus flowers. This variety of flower is very common in Mexico.

That's made with powder of barley, sugar and cinnamon. That's the one I like less.

That's simply juiced watermelon.

It's a fruit that grows in the tropical zones of America. It's English name is 'nance'. It's a small yellow fruit, about the size of a cherry. It's VERY odorant and many people stay away from it because of the smell... which doesn't invite to taste it. After tasting both the agua and the fruit... I prefer the agua by a long shot... because the taste is more subtle.

Although it translates to 'lemon', this is a lime. Limes are as popular in Mexico as can be chiles (peppers). Every time you'll order something to eat, you can expect to get tortillas and l
imón with it. It's a very refreshing drink.

That is of course pinapple. Very tasty and very sweet.


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