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Veracruz food
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-01-17 17:57:43 | Veracruz, Veracruz-Llave, Mexico
Keywords: street
Of course, being a coastal city, Veracruz is known for its fish and seafood. The local specialty is probably the 'jaiba' which is a local variety of river crab, but it's not available everywhere, except perhaps in the vol-au-vent I'll discuss later. The common restaurants for the locals almost always have 'picadas' and all over the streets you'll find vendors offering vol-au-vent pastries.

The picture above is a place of 3 picadas I ate. It's bascially a tortilla that is lightly fried with its border raised/folded. In the centre they place a pepper-based paste (usually made out of chipotle and onions). They are pretty spicy but good. That's also a greasy dish.

Below, you have a vendor of 'volovanes'... which is derived from the French word 'vol-au-vent'... for a light pastry. That dish begins to do make its way up North of Mexico (I saw it in Puebla and in Querétaro), in various forms, but it's still mostly a thing from Southern Mexico. It has from the vol-au-vent only the name because that's nothing like a light pastry. It's basically a pastry sandwich with a small filling. That filling is usually made out of a protein like ham, cheese, tuna, 'jaiba' (crab), chicken, etc... but it can also be sweet with pineapple, strawberry, etc

Volován - this one is with ham, cheese and pineapple.

I used the sandwich analogy because it's about the size of a sandwich made out of sliced bread. You'll find them as well under the name of 'hojaldras', in which only the shape of the pastry varies to become more of a narrow rectangle. Although they can be found in a few dedicated restaurants, you'll most likely encounter them on the street with vendors with large insulated baskets.

Volovanes street vendor with his insulated basket


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