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Coney islands from Detroit
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2013-07-19 20:29:43 | Detroit, Michigan, United States
Keywords: hot-dog
Unlike Pittsburgh, Detroit has a very staple dish, even if nor the name nor the recipe is truly original. But it is so engraved in Detroit culture that the name of the dish has transferred to the type of restaurants serving it.

First, the name: Coney island.  Yes, just like the amusement park in New York city with its famous hotdogs.  The reason for this association is unknown except that Detroit's dish is also a hotdog.

More precisely, it's a chili dog.  Using a regular hotdog bun and Weiner then covering it with a meaty chili, onions and mustard.  The chili is neither spicy or sweet. 

Throughout the city, you'll see small restaurants with the words 'Coney island' in their name, to indicate they are serving this specialty.

There are some variety in terms of toppings for one location to another, but not that much so it's a rather standard experience.  This creation is not limited to Detroit,  you can also find it in neighboring cities.

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