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My first coffees
Posted by: HoboSylvain | 2014-12-04 17:36:03 | Manizales, Caldas, Colombia
Keywords: coffee, drink
Yes, I'm almost 47-years-old but I never drank coffee of my life. The most I had was a few sips now and then... totalling a total of about a quarter of a cup. I don't like the smell, I don't like the taste and my body isn't used to caffeine (not drinking tea or cola). But being now in the coffee triangle of Colombie, I figured I had to try it here. Even if I don't drink coffee I forced myself to drink a few while being on the farm. After all, it's amongst the best coffees of the world and it cannot be fresher... since it's roasted on site in small batches from beans harvested the day before usually.

First time

So, the first coffee we were offered was in fact an espresso. It was extremely bitter and I had to force myself for every sip... which was followed by a funny face. Then, as the tour began with an explanation of the coffee history and treatment, I had an 'americano'... which is a 'regular' coffee, like drank in the USA and Canada... but in a small cup. I tried it as is for a sip... then I added sugar. With lots of sugar, I was able to drink the coffee at a regular rate without making funny faces. :-)

I also tasted raw wet Arabica grains, and roasted ones (one 'crack' and two 'cracks', freshly roasted before us). I preferred the first crack... it was a bit tart... but the flavours were more concentrated. I even with another 'americano' later before we went exploring the field and processing mill.

Me drinking my first Americano coffee today.


Overall, I can't say I liked coffee... especially not the espresso. The regular coffee was okay (with sugar). After those three coffees, I did feel my heart racing.

I will try a coffee with milk for sure in the next few days... probably in Bogotá, in one of the Juan Valdez coffee shop to conclude my experience of coffee in Colombia. But I will certainly not become an addict of the most common drug of the world (caffeine) and I will continue to live a healthy joyful java-free life :-)

Tomorrow, I'll post more about my visit of the coffee farm and about the UNESCO site of the coffee triangle.

The empty cup to prove I drank it all.

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